1. SAYONARA TUMBLR. Switched over to blogger/blogspot in an effort to seperate my inspiration & blogging accounts from each other. I will keep the content here but will continue my ventures at http://lanzadorandmakeup.blogspot.ca/

  2. Exciting Update

    I’m currently on maternity leave (!) and actually expecting Christmas Eve (!!) . This has left quite the space for free time and although I have been working on some projects, most of my days are devoted to preparing for our little guy. That being said I can only prepare so much (I’m not use to being so domestic) and I wanted to devote some of this free time to this blog which I have sadly neglected. 

    I’ve been racking my brains for ideas and I’m stoked on getting these posts executed. Expect more detailed entries on subjects such as tips & tricks, favourite products, makeup kit ensemble and more!

  3. I swear I’m still alive! 

    Latest work/behind-the-scenes with Christine from Next Models ( one of the latest faces on their roster) photographer Alex Ting, stylist Alleeneda Thammavong, and myself on makeup & hair shot this white-on-white winter creative in studio. Really loved the pieces pulled for this shoot, most of which were from a local designer who I believe just graduated from Kwantlen. 

    There were only slight makeup changes from outfit to outfit as we wanted the makeup to be “minimal”. I did change it up with the hair, which went from a sleek texture to fuss-free bed head. 

    And can I just say how much our model is serving up some Megan Fox realness! 

  4. BTS —Menswear inspired shoot at Kits Beach. Chilly by fantastic weather to shoot in. 

    Model: Darian (Key Model Management) 

    Photographer: Alexander Ting

    Stylist: Alleeneda Thammavong

    Makeup & Hair: Paula Lanzador

  5. Andrea (Luxe) with @alexanderting

  6. Friday’s project— photographer, Darian Wong with model, Shannon (Family Management) at Young Guns

  7. Practicing for a busy weekend @curliquebeauty

  8. Channeling my inner 80s kid thanks to Trina Duhra

  9. Some Halloween 13 fun— inspired by Pat McGrath’s work at the Met Gala Chaos to Couture.

  10. Look 2.