The ADFM team set up their launch upstairs of Fortune Sound Club. Pieces of art,books, toys and a few of their shoe selections from the site were on display. Two computers were set up as well, so guests can check out the site for themselves (if they haven’t already) It was a really great turn out. I had a chance to chat to 2 of the three a.d.f.m stylists, Ivy of http://ivy-pinkspider.blogspot.com/ and McKenneth of http://littlefashionisto.com/. As well as introduce myself to Jenkin Au, Editior-in-Chief of justalilhype! Magazine http://justalilhype.com/, Kei, a PR (Fortune’s PR too), and Erika Renfrew, the anthology’s intern http://www.the-anthology.com. Hope to work with them somehow in the future. 

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